Our Guiding Values

  • We seek to be led and empowered by the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) in all that we do.

  • We seek the salvation of the Jewish people and all people.

  • We seek to present the Good News of Messiah Yeshua in its historical, Jewish context.

  • We seek to honor and uphold God’s word from B’reisheet (Genesis) to Revelation.

  • We seek to encourage Jews and non-Jews alike to retain their God-given identity and to be all that God uniquely created them to be.

  • We seek to worship in a biblically Jewish way.

  • We seek to be a safe, supportive, and loving community.

  • We stand with Israel.


About Us

Our Mission
Beth Machaseh Messianic Congregation exists to share with our South Jersey community a culturally and contextually accurate presentation of the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, and to provide a place where Jew and Gentile can edify one another and worship God together as one new man in a biblically Jewish way.


Our Plan
We carry out our mission by connecting with our community through compassion, prayer, teaching, and discipleship, all within the framework of Biblical Judaism.